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All employers are required by law to display up-to-date state and federal labor law posters. You must also communicate safety and health information to all of your employees. It is your job as an employer to implement effective workplace policies addressing various regulations such as: Wage and Hour, Overtime Pay, and Child Labor Laws. In addition, under state and federal laws, employers are prohibited from discriminating against applicants and employees based on protected characteristics (i.e. gender, age, race, ethnicity, etc.). Over the last 3 years, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced that charges of employment discrimination had reached an all-time high. In the event of a lawsuit, penalties for violations of antidiscrimination laws can cost up to $50,000. 

So that you’re completely protected against fines and lawsuits, employers must also ensure that all required notices are updated of all mandatory law changes, material posting revisions, court decisions and revised OSHA guidelines. In the last 18 months, over 50 mandatory posting revisions occurred nationwide, OSHA imposed fines of over $200 million for safety and health violations, and American employers paid over $300 million to current and former employees in wage & hour case settlements and lawsuit judgments. (Source: DOL WHD). 

If you offer health benefits, you are also required to notify all health plan participants of their rights under HIPAA, COBRA, CHIPRA, and Health Care Reform Provisions. 

With our Compliance Assurance Subscription, you can ensure complete worry-free compliance with labor law, OSHA, workplace policy, and anti-discrimination notification requirements. With our Platinum Edition, you are also covered for your health plan participant’s notifications. You will also receive access to our Workplace Compliance Essentials, in our Digital Workplace Compliance Library online portal, monthly digital resources, and live webinars with either subscription service

Your Certificate of Compliance will show the dates of coverage, our $50,000 “We Pay the Fine” Reimbursement Guarantee against posting violations, and our quarterly Compliance Concepts newsletter to keep you informed of labor law revisions, OSHA compliance issues, and EEO lawsuits. The Platinum Edition also features our Benefits Law Quarterly newsletter. As a free bonus, you’ll also receive a Monthly Planning Calendar. 

Who Needs It

All general industry employers must comply with mandatory labor law posting regulations and OSHA safety notification requirements. Additionally, employers must implement workplace policies regarding wage & hour, overtime, child labor requirements, and anti-discrimination laws to comply with applicable laws and protect against potential lawsuits. 

Employers who offer health benefits must also comply with HIPAA and COBRA policy notification requirements. These are fulfilled with the Platinum Edition of our CAS. 


Automatic Poster Updates
For one year from the date of purchase, if a mandatory or material change occurs to any of your compliance posters, you will automatically receive the update at no additional cost. Poster updates will be sent via U.S. mail as “panel updates” that can be affixed over the outdated notice on your poster. 

Save Time and Money
Our Workplace Compliance Essentials portal includes six of our best-selling compliance kits and programs in electronic format. Each program includes training materials, documentation forms, and FAQs to help you ensure your compliance. 

$50,000 We Pay the Fine Guarantee

All poster updates will be sent to you within 90 days of the update’s publication. If we fail to send you your applicable updates during your subscription, and you’re fined by a government agency for non-compliance with posting and notification requirements, we will reimburse the fine amount up to $50,000. 

Quarterly Contact Compliance Guarantee

Subscribers to this comprehensive program will receive our quarterly–call guarantee. The quarterly calls you will receive during your subscription will be to update you only on new products that are pertinent to your business. Our Compliance Specialists would also like to follow up on any product needs or questions you may have so that we can remain assured that you are completely satisfied with your subscription. We will also contact you at the end of the subscription for your annual renewal so that you remain in 100% compliance all the time!